GOLD: God's Own Currency

GOLD: God's Own Currency is India's first book on gold and gold investments. This 242 page book is not just focused on gold and gold investments, it is a provocative and insightful comment on current economic scenario. More, not limited to mere listing of the symptoms, the book also suggests what investors can do to protect their wealth in an era of financial turmoil. 

Shailendra Kumar, a self-taught bullion investor, casts a sharp, clear-sighted eye on gold's historical, social, and religious interaction with the mankind in general and with India in particular. He also systematically builds the case for gold investment in today's turbulent times, and explains what the possible effects of oncoming economic crisis may be and how investors can save themselves from the coming calamity. ​

The book discusses various minor and major drivers for gold's price rise in years to come. Among the major drivers, the book deals with the malaise in the US economy, the fragile nature of the global economy, and the delicate condition of the Indian economy. The book looks at alarming rate of money supply growth not just in the United States but around the world, and analyses the proliferation of hedge funds, the ripple effect of yen carry trade unwinding, and the fallout of the coming credit crunch. 

​The book has an elaborate discussion on Indian economy. The economic tipping point for the India is no longer something to be debated. The sustained subsidies on petrol and diesel in spite of rising crude oil price have inflicted a wound in India's economy that is going to take a very long time to heal. This books has been the first one to raise the issue about how illogical these oil subsidies are and how unsustainable they are in the long-term. Simultaneously the book makes a comprehensive analysis of India's most important industry: agriculture. 

The book talks in frank and simple manner about how Indian economy is dependent on agriculture and how an economy where thousands of farmers commit suicide every year cannot be in the pink of health. ​GOLD: God's Own Currency is an informative warning of oncoming economic crisis marked by double-digit inflation, looming food and energy insecurity in many countries across the globe, and its effects on ordinary people. However, the book emphasizes its readers not to be gloomy, and in fact act in a timely manner to benefit from it by investing in gold.