Commodity Research Group

Commodity Research Group is headed by Shailendra Kumar, a long-time student of gold. 

Since gold happens to be intimately related with the global as well as Indian economy, we at Commodity Research Group observe the two very closely.  We particularly look at fundamental aspects of any economy, and believe that economy of any region or country is best observed not on the spreadsheets or power-point presentations but on the ground level. ​

To do so, we have travelled extensively around India. These travels allow us to look at the real India at close quarters, the India that is made up of 700,000 villages, the India that is often rooted in glorious traditions, and the India that is trying hard to catch up with the Urban India. ​

These travels have also allowed us to study agriculture, the most important industry in India. During those long months on the road, we have travelled to hundreds of villages, thousands of farms, and even lived with farmers for days on end. Our extended travels in rural India have helped us to understand the rural economy first hand, and thus have given us an edge over many arm-chair economists. 

Simultaneously, these travels have given usr a very special perspective: that of connecting the cold numbers with the ground reality. And we use this to leverage our commodity research on a day to day basis.